"[Tera] is insightful, creative & deeply committed and built the communications plan [for Founders Collective] from the ground up. Tera has a strong understanding of marketing needs across both the private and the public business sectors and easily applies her unique voice to values-based work."

-Meredith Powell, Co-founder of The Next Big Thing

Copyright 2013 Tera Kristen

"How NOT to Run a Startup"  [Print: Hush Magazine - Issue 1]


"The Business of Buying Drugs"  [Print: Hush Magazine - Issue 2]


"Giving Your Parents the Sex Talk"  [Web: Huffington Post Gen Y]


"Authentic Leadership is Not Concerned with Status"  [Web: Huffington Post British Columbia]



"The No Home Internet Experiment"  [Web: Medium.com - Life Hacks]


"How to Emotionally Deal with Adult Acne"  [Web: Tera Kristen - Personal Blog]


"Founders Collective: The Next Step in Business"  [Web: Tera Kristen - Personal Blog]


"The Accidental Freelancer Diaries"  [Web: Tera Kristen - Personal Blog]


The Highlight Reel: 

  • BA in Psychology, Minor in English
  • 4 years community management experience at Canadian tech startups
  • Lives in Vancouver, BC with a Russian and a Yorkie
  • Specializes in psychology, lifestyle, literary, business, and digital media beats
  • HTML, CSS & Javascript (Intermediate)
  • Experienced with email marketing, event planning, editing and social media management
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